Name: Jonathan Vela Saavedra
Affiliation: BA in Modern Languages, School of Education, University of Quindio, Armenia, Colombia.Biodata: Jonathan Vela holds a BA in Modern Languages from the University of Quindio, an MA in English Didactics (candidate) from Universidad de Caldas, and a diploma course on Docencia Universitaria from University of Quindio. He has taught EFL to young and adult learners. He currently works at the University of Quindio, Colombia and with the ministry of Education in the implementation of new material (teacher trainer) for primary schools in different departments of Colombia.
2010 BA in Modern Languages, The University of Quindio.2011 Diploma course in “Docencia Universitaria”, University of Quindio2014 MA in English Didactics, Universidad de Caldas.

2008 - 2009 Cscade Lodge and Restaurant, Lutsen MN, U.S.A
2010 – 2012 EAM, Armenia Quindio
2010 - 2013 Centro Colombo Americano, Armenia, Colombia.
2011 - 2013 Alexander Von Humboldt University, Armenia, Colombia
2013 - 2013 British Council and Universidad del Norte. Piloting Project
2013 - 2014 - Ministerio de Educacion Nacional.
2010 – present University of Quindio.