Here you will find your assignments, tasks, papers and all the material you need to keep track of the class.


May 2 to 5
1- Article. This is the link for 2 documents we will read in class. Please print the articles and bring them to class:
a- https://newsela.com/join/#/W5TAAV
b- https://newsela.com/join/#/W5TAAV

2- This is is one of the articles in WORD.

February 19 to 24

1- Journal. The topic for the first isentry is "Your opinion about global warming"
2- Descriptive writing. Look at the following video to have a better concept of hot to write a descriptive paragraph.

3- Remember to upload your questions about recycling. I already checked some of them.

Have a nice weekend.

First week of class:
1- Reading the syllabus. Go to 0. COURSE SYLLABUS and read all the information about the activities, percentages and tasks to be developed during this semester. (I will show you in class anyway.) Finally, the books to be read during this semester.
2- Getting to know each other, your expectative about the course and how this blog works. Assignments and the weekly journal.
3- Descriptive writing review.
a) This document is for you to read and remember how to write an appropriate descriptive paragraph.

b) this video to reinforce:

1- How to write a Journal? Follow this link in order to have a better idea of how to write a journal entry:

Basically in a journal you are to read the assignment carefully, reflect on what you've learned, and write your analysis of the information being reviewed. Your first journal will be about the library.

2- ASSIGNMENT 1: we will go to the library and there you will write an entry for your journal about the advantages and disadvantages of such place. Look around, observe carefully and write (in a clear way) a one page long composition with your thoughts about it.


We will go to one place of the University, you will sit down, look around and then write a descriptive paragraph of such place.